Size & Price Guide

When measuring your dog please measure in centimeters and not inches. For the harness I need both around the neck and around the chest measurements. This will then give you a guide to the size and price.  For artificial flower collars I just require the neck measurement.

Suit Harness
X Small
X Large
Ring Bearer
Matching Lead
Artificial Flower Collar
Postage & Packaging

Chest 25-38 cm    Neck 20-25 cm

Breeds: Chihuahua,  Yorkshire Terrier,etc. 


Chest 36-58 cm    Neck 25-32 cm

Breeds: Jack Russel, Terrier, Pug, Maltese etc.


Chest 48-72 cm    Neck 40-46 cm

Breeds: Dachshund, King Charles Spaniel etc.


Chest 56-80 cm    Neck Up to 42 cm

Breeds: Cocker spaniel, Border collie etc


Chest 76-106 cm    Neck Up to 51 cm

Breeds: Labrador, Golden Retriever, Pointer etc.




Made bespoke to each dogs neck measurement

Prices can vary dependent on the flowers being used and how many.

From £35.00 (Happy to quote)


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